What is Law of Attraction?

Law of attraction simply states that we create our reality. We are part of the source that is love and nonjudgmental. The universe loves you and

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What is a Law of Attraction Love Coach?

A Law of Attraction Love Coach is a certified empowerment professional who helps you understand the principles of the Law of Attraction and the power that it holds because it shows you how to connect with

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How does it work?

These spiritual and empowering coaching sessions are conducted over the phone and typically last 45-60 minutes. Shirin coaches “in the moment” so everything discussed during the sessions is related to you and what you desire in your life. She will provide you with tools you can use to reconnect with your true self and replace loneliness and sadness with happiness, love and prosperity.

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How many sessions do you need?

Shirin has different coaching packages that are personalized for each client. Typically, she works with clients for a minimum of six months. This amount of time will generally allow you to experience change and see things manifest. After that, it depends on your progress. You may desire continued regular coaching and purchase another package, or just purchase individual sessions “as needed” if you feel “stuck” again or want clarity about a situation in your life.

Contact Shirin for information on different coaching packages; 469-855-5856