Love Is the Answer

Book "Love is the Answer"


To love and be loved is the concept of life. The reason for our living on this planet earth. We must all be aware and know that there are simple ways of doing this. “Love is the Answer” is the solution to every situation you encounter in life. and through this book, you are able to truly practice it and know that you are the vehicle to carry this love around.



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Shirin Dalaki is a published author of the book “Love is the Answer” and Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach. It is the discipline of love and respect which makes a  difference on a daily basis.

Her intention is to empower and guide people to a more authentic, loving and empowered self. Her passion to transform and deliver the message of love, power, peace and harmony is evidence in her book, “Love is the Answer”. When love and power becomes stronger than fear then breakthroughs happens.Challenges or obstacles are opportunities for learning and growth to create an ideal lifestyle.

Shirin is a catalyst for change by guiding people to change the thoughts that no longer serve them. In her practice she becomes a mirror to help client to look within to solve problems at the present moment by tapping into the inner wisdom and increasing the capacity to manage all areas of life which are physical, financial, relationship, spiritual, mental and emotional aspects.