Heart to Heart connection

Let's Connect with Coaching by Shirin

Welcome! I am here to help you move forward, reaching new goals empowering personal discovery.

I help busy professionals over 30 make empowered relationships. You learn how to be joyful which is your true nature and express yourself authentically.

I love to serve and to teach the basic principles that comes with authentic empowerment. It makes me happy to see people achieve success in all areas of your life once they learn about authentic power and what it means. You deserve an amazing life and I show you how with the coaching that you receive. These are some steps we look at.


images1Love yourself and do things that you enjoy


images1Find your spiritual connection, your power within


images1Have clarity on what you want


images1Learn how to keep your life in harmony


images1Avoid time consuming and costly mistakes from doing it on your own


images1Feel authentically supported and valued




 To bring authentic empowerment to the surface I decided to write my book, “Love is the Answer” to help people to find their answer within.

As a empowerment life coach I guide you to connect within and create what you want. The first step in creating what you want is the technique called “Clarity vs Clutter”. This helps you determine exactly what you want and how to go about receiving it. The results that you get from my coaching package is to have better feeling about yourself. You learn how to love and honor yourself  in a way that you can express your thoughts and feelings freely and authentically without any hold back or fear and live in an attitude of gratitude everyday. I teach you how to be empowered and equally give and receive love so you have a balanced lifestyle.


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