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Let's Connect with Coaching by Shirin

Welcome! I am here to help you create love relationship in your life.

I help busy professional women over 30 make meaningful, rich and loving relationship. You learn to be harmonious and joyful, express yourself FINALLY have the love connection you’ve always been dreaming of.

I truly LOVE what I do! And it makes me happy to see you achieve success in all areas of your life starting with your love life and the amazing love life you create as the result of coaching you receive.


Is this You?

You want to:

images1Attract your ideal partner without chasing him


images1Leverage your time to do things you love


images1Have clarity on what you want so you never have to be alone again


images1Learn how to keep your relationship in harmony


images1Change your relationship where you don’t feel sad and lonely


images1Avoid time consuming and costly mistakes from doing it on your own


images1Run your love life in such a way that gets easier so you can enjoy your life more


images1Love yourself more and stop feeling helpless


images1Feel emotionally supported and valued




If so, you’re in exactly the right place!

You’re exactly where I was just a few years ago … struggling to bring in enough happiness, peace, harmony and love! I wrote my book, “Love is the Answer” to help women just like you avoid making all the mistakes I did.

As a women’s love coach I help you plan and create the love you deserve! The first step is the technique called “Clarity vs Clutter”. This helps you determine exactly what you want and how to go about receiving it. The results that you get from my coaching package is to have better feeling about yourself and to attract your ideal life partner where you feel happy, safe and content in your relationship with yourself and with him. You learn how to love and honor yourself  in a way that you can express your thoughts and feelings freely and authentically with him without any hold back or fear. You learn how to live in an attitude of gratitude everyday and how to equally give and receive love so you have a balanced lifestyle.


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