Shirin Dalaki

Listen to audio hereLet Go of Limiting Beliefs

If you want to have authentic power in your life you must learn to love and respect yourself first.  Limited beliefs about ourselves become an obstacle to where we want to be in life. Do you often find yourself between this or that or you feel you could do better? How do you feel about the standard you hold for yourself? Are you constantly stressed out at something of personal life?

Do you feel this clutter in your head?

You know…it is not really your fault because underneath all urgent problems are the limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves unknowingly in the subconscious mind. These limiting beliefs have sat in the subconscious mind and have found a home inside your head that could be a life time or short period of time and they rule your life. The good news is that these beliefs are not who you are. Some example of limiting beliefs are not being good enough, not being worthy or being important. Believe me, I have been there and know how it feels. The sad thing is that we don’t know these limiting beliefs are what is stopping us to get to where we want to be.

Once we become aware and gain the knowledge then the shift is simple because limiting beliefs like everything else are energy and can be erased from subconscious mind instead of going into the same pattern. This can be done with will power and commitment.

You are here to express your full potential and these liming beliefs are like nasty infestation that keeps you trapped in the same loop.

You hold so much value and once you clear your system of these limiting beliefs you can have all the good things you want in life so my solution is to coach you to let go of these limiting beliefs and free yourself to the best possibilities you always envisioned for yourself. I teach you how to honor, love and respect yourself and see yourself through your eyes of consciousness that detects these limiting beliefs and is ready to let go of them because you are able to see that they no longer serve you and who you are. You are able to detect transformation in yourself that is worth time and investment into.

And you will never be the same again because you find your power and your true belief of who you are and why you are here on earth. You create your best life that you feel good about yourself and express your true potential.

About Shirin

Shirin Dalaki is a published author of the book “Love is the Answer” and Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach. It is the discipline of love and respect which makes a  difference on a daily basis.

Her intention is to empower and guide people to a more authentic, loving and empowered self. Her passion to transform and deliver the message of love, power, peace and harmony is evidence in her book, “Love is the Answer”. When love and power becomes stronger than fear then breakthroughs happens.Challenges or obstacles are opportunities for learning and growth to create an ideal lifestyle.

Shirin is a catalyst for change by guiding people to change the thoughts that no longer serve them. In her practice she becomes a mirror to help client to look within to solve problems at the present moment by tapping into the inner wisdom and increasing the capacity to manage all areas of life which are physical, financial, relationship, spiritual, mental and emotional aspects.