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4 Steps to Love RelationshipLet's Connect Coaching by Shirin

1. Be Yourself

You are your own unique individual self and a gift from God. Your purpose is to express your fullest potential and you can do this when you keep on building self-esteem and self-love.

2. Let Go of Limiting Beliefs

You are energy. Everything in this world is made of energy vibration including your beliefs. It is up to you what belief you want to hold on and what belief you want to let go that ultimately creates your life reality.

3. You Can Have Anything You Want to Have.

Once you let go of limiting beliefs it opens up the doors to your endless possibilities including love relationship in your life. Limiting beliefs are like traps that keeps you from getting to your dream life so do a checklist of your belief system and see what is stopping you to where you want to go in life and start from this point on. You can create anything you want if you allow it.

4. Love Relationship Start with You.

You decide each moment who you want to be and what kind of relationship you want to have with yourself and others while you are here on this planet earth. It all starts with your decision and the mission and focus you put on your everyday life. You are born with love within you at the core of your being and the ability to allow it shine out of you.

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4 Tips on Healthy Marriage


1. Honor yourself.

Marriage is easy if you remember to honor yourself first and it requires self-discipline. When you are in a relationship paying attention to your wants and feelings to express them authentically allows your partner to do the same thing that ultimately works both ways. This way you build up empathy and cooperation.

2. Be easy on yourself.

Remember marriage is supposed to be fun and joyful so be easy on yourself and if something is bothersome know that it is temporary and it will pass so give yourself a break. once in a while

3. Stay in the present moment.

One way that you can detach yourself from what is happening in your head is to focus on the present moment and appreciate what you have right now.

4. Focus on positive things in your life.

Take a piece of paper and write 5 positive things that you appreciate in your home or at your work place or with family and friends and focus on them and each day write 5 more of positive things and add up to it. This technique shifts your energy into positive mood that helps you on daily basis.

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